Hi my name is Sonya Bodick. I race for Blue Mountain Velo. I am also the membership director for the team. I want to take some time to reflect on this past race season, but first, here are a few fun facts to get to know me.

* I am the third oldest of 10 siblings. I didn’t grow up playing sports (because I attended a small Christian private school) even though I have always loved sports. I would have rather been studying about hockey than history and math.

*I always get on and off the bike on the left side. It feels too awkward to get off on the right side.

*I always chew gum during every ride whether its training or a race. Big Red is my favorite, but as long as I have gum, I am good.

Now to get to the good stuff. I started my season in April, attending my 2nd ever gravel race. I was super nervous about the downhills, but was confident in my climbing ability. The race started pretty fast, but I was moving up, passing women along the way. I was able to settle in, but I kept finding myself back and forth with another pretty strong climber. She was pretty nervous on the downhills too, so I just kept telling myself that I need to be one step more braver than her. Eventually the cat and mouse paid off, and even with spring fitness, I managed a third place finish. It hurt for sure, but I was proud of myself for pushing so hard and not give up that final podium position.

We traveled to New England for most of our races this year. Crank the Kank in New Hampshire was a rude awakening after being off the bike for 12 days in sunny warm Florida. This race is best with a TT bike, however, I dont have a TT bike. So, it was a good practice run. There was still snow on one part of the climb, and it was the end of May. 


My favorite climbing race is Whiteface Mountain in New York. Very steady 8-10% gradient for 10 miles, with some switchbacks that let you see the finish. It can play tricks with your mind when you are halfway through, and you see that part of the climb. You think how will I ever get there. Its easy to get caught up in the spectacular views and forget its a race. It is always freezing cold and windy at the top, so you have to get winter clothes on as quickly as possible. 

I threw in a couple crits along with the hill climbs. I pulled off the win in the 35+ race at Race Avenue. A few hours later, I lined up for the 4/5 race. That particular race was challenging because none of the plans that I had for the race worked out. So I had to just do my best to stay with the pack, and not let anyone off the front. One girl did get off the front, early on in the race. She lapped us on the 2nd to last lap, which meant the race was over when she crossed the line. I ended up 5th in that race. 

Hummelstown Criterium was another super fun crit. 25 vendors and food trucks lined the streets as tons of people crowded around in the streets to cheer on the racers. It was pretty hot, but thankfully that didn’t affect me. My ice sock was melted though before the whistle blew to start the race. I ended up with a third place finish.

Several more trips to New England for races in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York filled our summer. 

Mount Ascutney is just plain brutal. At 3,144 feet, in 4 miles, surviving was the goal. I did manage to PR from the year before. 

Mount Greylock in Massachusetts is always a fun race. Almost 10 miles, the terrain is shallow at times, but also super challenging. I feel like this is always a mental race for me. With the addition of a new elite racer, I was super happy to finish 3rd overall for females.

A new race to the Bumps Series this year was Prospect Mountain in Lake George, NY. I am definitely looking forward to a do over on this climb. Very few people attended this new race, so it felt like a training, super-hard effort. I was only 1 of 3 women that came.

To round it out, Allen Clark in Vermont was the finisher. Its a very good climb that starts out very flat and fast, and kicks up with the final 3 miles to go with an epic summit finish. I held on for a 3rd place finish. I won my age group in the Bumps Series, and was 5th Overall for the year out of 116 females.

Along with the races, we had some fun cycling road trips. After the Bangor, Maine Hincapie Gran Fondo ride, where I won a new Wahoo watch and a set of Speed Hound Recovery Legs, we traveled to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. The views were Epic!! One of my most exciting accomplishments for the year was taking the QOM up Cadillac Mountain. The view at the top was so rewarding. I almost broke near the top, but I am so glad I found a little bit of motivation to push through and take the QOM. It was so worth it.

After two years of trying, I was finally able to take the QOM on Hawk Mountain from a very accomplished female racer. That felt amazing to finally accomplish that goal.

Thank you to all my friends, teammates, and Husband Michael for always pushing me to do my best. Huge thank you to Blue Mountain Velo for all that they do for our race team.

And most importantly thank you to God for keeping me safe as we train and race. Also, for the talent that He has blessed me with as a cycling athlete. I owe it all to Him.

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