Last Sunday, the girls of Blue Mountain Velo took on the Royersford crit! Yes it was like 91° but who doesn’t love the heat! I lined up with 3 teammates, my first time racing with teammates!! The race was .8 of a mile around 6 corners in a school parking lot, 20 laps! After a neutral lap, we settled in. Lap 2 or 3 I saw an opportunity so I jumped on an uphill rise creating a breakaway, with 2 other girls. My teammates did a good job sitting in, and not letting the field come back to the breakaway, slowing the field down. We worked together holding off the field, until a 4th rider Rachelle Gehr bridged to us! On the final lap, she made a big attack to get the win, and I finished 3rd!! It was so much fun! I averaged 21.2 mph for the race which ended up being 14 miles so pretty short race, just fast paced in 91° heat!!

Thank you to LactiGo for the continued support and supplying me with the amazing products to keep pushing on!

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