Loren Barisch, Club President, traveled to Coxascie, NY to pin on a number for week 1 of the Trooper David Brinkerhoff Memorial Race Series.

Here is his recap:

With no road races offered in the state this year, I decided to throw my hat in the ring at the the Brinkerhoff Road Race in Albany NY this past weekend, entering the Pro/1/2/3. A modestly loaded field of 56 entries would prove to be an appropriate challenge as the terrain offered (5) 12.5Mi laps. As the race progressed, so did the pace. There were several attacks on course which helped dispatch 25% of the field. Various other factors including 95 degree temperatures also proved too challenging for others in the hunt. The final sweeping curve led into a left-hand turn revealing a wide open closed-road bunch sprint. I was able to stay connected in the sprint closing the event 17th/56.

Check the recap video below….

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