With not many races on the calendar, Loren, Megan & Eric went down to Liberty, VA for the Liberty University Cycling Classic.

Loren raced both the road race on Saturday and the criterium on Sunday.

Megan & Eric only raced the Sunday criterium.



Master’s 40+ Road Race:

Master’s 40+Criterium: 9th Place


Women’s 4/5 Criterium: 11th Place


Master’s 50+ Criterium: 2nd Place

Individual Race Recaps

Men’s 35+

Loren’s Race Recap

Drove down to Liberty University this past weekend for a double-header season opener by Liberty Cycling. A stout 40+ masters field brought some respectable competition, Saturday’s mid-pack sprint finish in the road race was followed up by a top ten conclusion at the Sunday criterium.

Megan’s Race Recap

Went down to Liberty University for the first critierum of the season, This masters racer had to tango with the 20-somethings & the college kids. Even so, I finished just outside the top ten.

Eric’s Recap

Yesterday was a good day at the Liberty Cycling Classic. Blue skies, a light breeze and a tough Master’s 50+ filed were on the menu and I was hungry for some good racing and a result.

I tried to get away with one of the strong dudes from Kelly Benefits or Super Dave Osbourne from Artemis Racing, but the peloton wasn’t going to let that happen. It would come down to a field spring, which I’m not opposed to.

I found myself boxed in and missed the win with some bad positioning going into the last corner, but I was able to break free and make enough power to pass the six riders in front of me and throw it in for 2nd place. I used to race on the track and found myself in a lot of sprints as a junior. Guess all that bike throwing practice stuck with me!

Much thanks to my BMV Cycling Fam, Joe Tats, for being my Super Swannie fro the day and Loren & Megan for providing team camaraderie and capturing some awesome photo & video.

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