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Time to show some BMV love to the MTB crowd. Us roadies have had a great stretch of unseasonable warm weather the past few days, however, that’s currently changing and the extended forecast reflects low to mid 40’s for the daily high with just above or below freezing for the over nights. Or as some might call it, mountain biking weather! Well, here is your chance to “*pound the ground*” during a morning mountain bike event on Sunday the 15th starting at the Paxtang trailhead of the Capital Area Greenbelt.

All experience levels appreciated and welcomed. New to mountain biking? Never rode the Parkway trails? Didn’t even know that there are mountain bike trails located just off the Greenbelt along the Cameron and Paxtang Parkway? This is your event! You a master shredder? Got an awesome stump jumper? You prefer a rock garden over a rose garden? This is your event!

Plan for the morning, starting at 9:00 am, is to ride all the Paxtang Parkway Trails in order from PAX1-PAX5B, including the optional PAX1A. That’s about 5 miles in distance including the paved Parkway to connect the trails. At the end of PAX5B, group decision will determine if we go back through the PAX trails or venture clockwise on the Greenbelt to reach the DOC (DOC1-DOC2) and CAM (CAM1-CAM4) trails. This option will yield about 14 miles in total distance. If there are enough participants and an experienced mountain biker is willing, we could split up and cover both options.

Would be great to have a mix of new and experienced riders. Those experienced riders can share knowledge to the “newbies”, sharing tips and tricks for not only the Parkway trails, but mountain biking in general. Things like trail etiquette, trail stewardship, bike setup, and really important things like how to properly shot gun a beer post ride! Newbies can start building confidence on trails in a relaxed, non-competitive, supportive environment. Even the most experienced rider that shows up started out with none; don’t let apprehension keep you away from this ride!

While posting this as a “mountain bike” ride, you gravel grinders can give it a go if so inclined. I’ve done all the PAX and DOC trails on a drop bar gravel bike outfitted with treaded 34’s. Wasn’t the most comfortable ride, and I did dismount for some of the “features” (carry overs, hike-a-bike, etc.), but doable. Roadies are welcomed, but you’re going to want to bring some comfortable walking/hiking shoes and plenty of tubes for your slick 23’s!

Related questions about this ride, drop a comment below. Event photo is not mine, not sure who to give proper credit to.


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