Membership in BMV


We have 2 different types of Memberships.  Club & Race. They both offer great benefits for all cyclists.  Please read the expectations and benefits of each below.  If you have any questions, please reach out!

Both Race & Club Membership

Expectations Of Both:

1. Payment of annual dues.

2. Display safe and sportsmanlike conduct during any cycling activity.

3. Represent BMV and its sponsors in respectful manner during any cycling activity.

4. Participate in events organized by BMV. Participation includes, but not limited to,  volunteering time, money, and/or resources and/or riding in the event.

5. Join at least one social group ride organized by BMV.

Benefits Of Both:

1. Access to discounts on nutritional products.

2. Access to discounts on sponsor products.

Club Membership

We don’t want Blue Mountain Velo to be just a “Race Team.” We have over 40 active club members who have no intention of racing.  They’re just looking for like-minded folks to ride a bicycle with!

Race Membership

Race Expectations:

Compete in at least 3 races, USAC sanctioned or unsanctioned. The Board of Directors will have discretion in defining a race, but generally a race will be defined as follows: a. As an event that has a start and finish line where individuals are in competition  for finishing places; or  b. As an event with timed segments where individuals are in competition for  finishing places within those segments or where the segments are considered as a  whole.

Race Benefits:

BMV Bucks Point System based on race attendance and performance.  Redeemable for kits, and extra sponsor discounts.

BMV Membership Interest Form

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